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Alt 16.10.2013, 10:32
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Standard My VW Golf power steering pump is loud, lighting issues.?

Can any buddy help me and who is the expert I have a 98 VW Gold 2.0 non turbo. The guy I bought it from said it needed a new power steering pump, he got one from who knows where and gave it to me. I had it put on and it still makes a constant loud wining sound, so I'm not sure if it still needs a "new" power steering pump or if it's the gear. Also my lights are all messed up, when I have the lights off on daytime running, the blinkers work, I turn my lights on and the blinkers do not work including the 4 ways. Needing some advice before I bother with bringing it back in. I think it may be a short, a relay or the blinker switch needs to be replaced...any ideas?
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