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Alt 04.01.2005, 13:32
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Standard Passat TDI 115PS Kupplung Probleme

Dear Sir,

excuse me for not using german.

I have a problem with my car, 2000 VW Passat Pumpe-Duse TDI, 115PS, 310NM, 6speed manual.
When I try to start my car from standing, the clutch is breaking and hitting, so you have to push it back again and release. This happens when my car is warm, when I make about 50km or more.
Volkswagen in Croatia tried three times to replace the clutch or flywheel on my car, and it doesn't help. After the replacement, the car is ok for about 15-20.000km and then the problem occurs again.
Does anybody with such car has similar experience? What can I do? Volkswagen Company doesn't know how to repair my car.
Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,

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