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Außerdem - kann man nicht auch bei Automatik einfach in Leerlauf schalten?
Ich hab' den Artikel aus dem Spiegel - leider nur in Englisch - gefunden:

-> http://www.spiegel.de/international/...682417,00.html

One of those to testify in hearings before Congress was retired social worker Rhonda Smith, who tearfully described her "near death experience" three and a half years ago in a Lexus ES 350. Smith says that as she was driving along Highway 66 to Knoxville, her vehicle suddenly accelerated on its own to 100 mph.

Smith asserts she did everything in her power to stop the car -- braking, putting the car in neutral, then even in reverse. Nothing worked, she says. It would seem three of the car's functions all froze at once, only to inexplicably return to normal shortly thereafter.

"At almost exactly six miles, God intervened," Smith testified. The car's speed dropped, and she was able to park it on the median.

The NHTSA has shown an extraordinary willingness to investigate the case. The agency purchased the vehicle in question -- which had functioned well for its subsequent owners -- and plans to have it analyzed.

Whatever they may find under the hood, it seems safe to say that the Holy Ghost is long gone.
Aus meiner Sicht: Mei, Glauben hilft... Oder auch nicht.


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